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Flash Games

Newgrounds - The original and Best

Kongregate - With a ranking/points system better than NG.

Technology Sites

X-Bit Labs

Firing Squad

Toms Hardware (UK)


Legit Reviews


Firefox - Replacement for Internet Explorer. Faster, more secure.

Thunderbird - Replacement for Outlook / Windows Mail.

Games Consoles

Xbox-Linux - Run Linux on your Xbox


Hack Vista - Gain Administrative access to a Windows Vista machine using a Linux LiveCD

Rainbow Tables - For LM and NTLM hashes


Optimise Ubuntu - Speed Increase in Ubuntu Linux

XFCE Customisation - Make it look like Vista

Command Line List - Explains what Terminal Commands do.

Multiseat Computer - Use one Ubuntu 8.04 machine with two keyboard, mice and monitors separately.

Turn a Linksys Router into a Super-Router - with Linux/Tomato


Ctrl Alt Del - Webcomic about the lives of two Computer Geeks

XKCD - A webcomic about math, sarcasm and language.

Abstruce Goose - Similar in Drawing, but not writing, style to XKCD.

Explosm - You have to have a certain sense of humor to appreciate this.

Questionable Content - No, don't worry, it's SFW.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Updated Daily. Ish.

Website Building Tools Tips

Easy-to-Use Dock Menu - CSS and Javascript

Sliding Sidebar Menu - CSS and Javscript

13 Tools - For webmasters

HyperGurl - Color matching page, suggests colors to match one you already have for a layout.

Color Schemer - Color Matching II

Color Blend - Color Matching III

Color Sphere - Color Matching IV

CSS Techniques - For effective Coding

Clickheat - A tool for evaluating where users click on your website.

Firebug - Brilliant Firefox Extension for Web Designers

YSlow - An addon to Firebug to see how quickly your pages load.

Google Analytics - Free Stats for your Website

10 Principles - Of effective Web Design

AlertBox - Current issues in Web Usability

Icons and Backgrounds

40 Hand-Drawn Icon Sets - From deviantART

Graffiti Wallpaper - Backgrounds and Wallpapers

Digital Blasphemy - Backgrounds and Wallpapers

Mandolux - Backgrounds and Wallpapers

Interface Lift - Backgrounds and Wallpapers

Wallpaper Stock - Backgrounds and Wallpapers

BlurBurger - Backgrounds and Wallpapers

Interface Lift - Wallpapers and Backgrounds


How to Shave like your Grandpa - Using an old-style Razor

De-Motivator - Create your own De-Motivation Posters

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