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Altissimo Fingerings

I've played the saxophone for years now, and one of the biggest problems for the advanced player is how to get the altissimo fingerings for the Sax, that's the notes above the high F# that you can play normally.

They're hard to get, and take a lot of practise, but once you hit them a few times, you'll find you can do it without even thinking about it after a while. I only play the tenor. These fingerings may well work for the alto sax, but there are certainly better ones, I've heard.

Oh, by the way, don't be fooled by thinking the lowest notes are the easiest to play. G is commonly known as the hardest of all the altissimo notes. A is probably the easiest. I find it best to play arpeggios (of A major in this case), trying to top off the last octave with the altissimo. It's hard, but practise makes perfect.

The names for the keys are:
Finger 1: Index finger of left hand (What you would describe as the B Key to a beginner)
Finger 2: Middle finger of left hand (A Key)
Finger 3: Ring finger of left hand (G Key)
Finger 4: Index finger of right hand (F Key)
Finger 5: Middle finger of right hand (E Key)
Finger 6: Ring finger of right hand (D Key)
Palm Key 1: Closest to your body (High D Key)
Palm Key 2: One in the middle (High Eb Key)
Palm Key 3: One furthest away.

Oh, and it goes without saying that you have the Octave Key pressed for all these.

Note Fingering
F# Front "f", high "c", add the side Bb and finger #4
G Front "f", add side Bb
G# fingers 1-3-4, add side "c" key
A fingers 2-3-4-5-6
Bb finger 3, add side "c",
B finger 3, add side "c", add G# key, palm key #1
C same as above, add palm key #2
C# front "f" add finger #4
D front "f" add side Bb key
D# front "f" add side "c" key
E fingers #2 and #5
F fingers 1-3-4-6
F# front "f" and finger #4
G front "f" add side Bb
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