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Replace the Battery in Logitech MX1000 Wireless Mouse

What You'll Need

Important Note

Logitech's Customer Service is second to none. If your mouse is broken within three years, call them up, and they'll likely replace it. Honestly, they're great, so don't bother doing this crap if your mouse is within warranty.

The Battery You'll Need (Pic)

KLIC-5001 Battery

Replacing the Battery

  1. Remove the teflon pads, unscrew all the mouse screws, and unclip the bottom of the mouse. This is really fiddly.
  2. Take the top of the mouse off the bottom, and unscrew the little cradle that the battery rests in.
  3. Cut the wires off the mouse, and dispose of the old battery.
  4. Use your soldering iron to solder the wires onto the new one you bought. The black one is at the edge, then the yellow and red (see the last picture for reference).
  5. Connect the mouse back up. Done!

You might find you need to file away the plastic using a needle file or something. This may be needed to get the solder to stick. The gold contacts on the new battery will be very smooth, so filing them to help the solder stick to them might not be the worst idea in the world.


Back of the MX1000 Mouse

Old MX1000 Battery

What the New Battery Should Look Like

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