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What's here?

Nothing special, just some PHP code snippets that will help a few people here and there.


preg_replace_callback() is a brilliant function to use when handling data straight out of a database, and fromatting it. You can, for example, get a $row = mysql_fetch_array($result), and then pass that array straight to a function like this to format it. This way, you have to change less should you want to manipulate a page in the future.

This function replaces {'value'} in a string with a given $array['value'].

function cool_replace($text, $row) {
return preg_replace_callback('#{([0-9A-Za-z]+)}#',
create_function('$array', 'global $row; return $row[$array[1]];'),

And the function works like so:

$row = array('first' => 'Richard', 'second' => 'Tony', 'third' => 'Nick', 'fourth' => 'Chris');

$text = 'The winner is {first}. Congratulations to {second}, who did very well. {third} and {fourth} came third and fourth respectively. Special attention should be bought to the person in fourth place, which is {fourth}. They got no medal. The Gold medal given to {first} is actually just painted yellow.'

echo cool_replace($text, $row);

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