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Modding your Wii Nunchuck with an LED


Oh, for god's sake DONT do this if you have no experience with solder or this kind of thing before. Nobody's going to responsible if you end up breaking something but you, OK?

The Method

  1. You'll need (apart from the Nunchuck, of course), a tri-wing screwdriver, needle nose pliars, a 3mm LED (colour of your choice), soldering iron, solder and electrical tape.
  2. Once you have all these things, open up your Wii using the screwdriver. If you're confused, a tri-wing screwdriver has three prongs at 120 degrees to each other, buy one off eBay for literally a pound or something.
  3. Locate the two test points on the nunchuck mainboard.
  4. Located them? Good. Now, bend the LED pins, and wrap some electrical tape around the exposed LED's, so they don't short out on the rest of the board.
  5. Place the LED as shown in the below picture, and solder the two pins. Remember, LED's have polarity (the shorter side is negative, the longer side is positive), and make sure the solder has totally set.
  6. Screw the nunchuck back together. Important part, this.
  7. Moment of truth time. Plug the nunchuck back into the Wiimote. If you did it right, the LED will now be glowing.


If you did it wrong, you probably caused irreprable damage to your nunchuck, so be careful, don't solder the LED on the wrong way round, and seriously don't try this if you don't know what you're doing.

If you DO know what you're doing though, you could even solder more than one LED onto the board, and have red for the nuchuck control stick pointing up, blue for it pointing down, etc. But that's beyond the scope of this little guide.

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