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Infinite AutoHack Items in Bioshock

Are you like me, and think the wonderful game Bioshock is ruined by the boring hacking game that you have to go through hundreds of times, simple a timesink? Then, do this to get infinite auto-hack items, without affecting your dollars, plasmids or other items, so you can play through as normally as possible, without affecting the rest of the game.

How to do it

  1. Go to Start->Run and type in "%APPDATA%" without the quotes, into the bar, then go to the "Bioshock" folder, and then backup the "User.ini" file.
  2. Open the User.ini file, and do a search and replace. Replace "F12=" with "F12=exec hack.txt". Save the file, and close the window down.
  3. Now, go to wherever you installed Bioshock (for me, this was C:GamesBioshock, but yours might be different). Then, go to the Content, then System folders. Inside the "System" folder, create the file "hack.txt" with the following content. GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Autohack. Close down and save the file.
  4. That's it. Play the game, and press F12 for unlimted autohacks (well, 999 of them).


If you have any autohacks in your inventory, you'll only get a maximum of 5. Just use them all up (so you have none left), and then press F12 again to get 999 of them.

Oh, and if you have F12 bound to anything ingame, then you can bind to F11, or any other commonly used key by making the obvious change.

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