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Updates (2012-10-20)

I've decided to keep the discoveries and consumption data, but I'll only update these quarterly(ish) and announce when I'm going to do it, so that people can compile one big list and I can do it all at once. Also, there's a new version out that adds Manuel support.

How to get Content Added

Raise a bug report on the forum thread detailing the following:

Also, if you have a problem or question about the script, please post on the KoLMafia.us forum topic, because I won't answer kmails or PMs ingame, purely because of the fact that I get too many of them, and I don't have time to play the game myself. Everyone on the forum is very helpful (and I of course frequent it regularly) and you'll get help ASAP.

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Check your Monster Manuel data here.


You have 164 skills Hardcore Permed and 43 skills Softcore Permed.

LvlSeal ClubberTurtle TamerPastamancerSaucerorDisco BanditAccordion Thief
Class (Original)
0 buffSeal Clubbing Frenzy
+2 Mus
(5 adv @ 1MP)
Patience of the Tortoise
+1 Mus, +3 MaxHP
(5 adv @ 1MP)
Manicotti Meditation
+2 Mys
(5 adv @ 1MP)
Sauce Contemplation
+1 Mys, +3 MaxHP
(5 adv @ 1MP)
Disco Aerobics
+2 Mox
(5 adv @ 1MP)
Moxie of the Mariachi
1+ Mox, +3 MaxHP
(5 adv @ 1MP)
0 combatClobber
Spaghetti Spear
2-3 Phys. Damage
2-3 Hot Damage
1 Damage, 1 Delevel
2-3 Damage, 2-3 for 2 More Rounds
1Fortitude of the Muskox
Regen 1-2HP/adv
Combat Skill
Ravioli Shurikens
Combat Skill
Curse of Vichyssoise
Curse Cold
Disco Eye-Poke
1-3 Damage, 3 Delevel
The Moxious Madrigal
+10 Mox
(Buff @ 2MP)
2Audacity of the Otter
Crits do 3x Damage
Skin of the Leatherback
(level/2 - 2)DR
Entangling Noodles
Combat Skill
Saucy Salve
Combat Skill - Heal 10-15HP
Overdeveloped Sense of Self Preservation
+20% Init
The Magical Mojomuscular Melody
+10Mys, +20MaxMP
(Buff @ 3MP)
3Blubber Up
+5Mox for 10adv
Amphibian Sympathy
+5 Fam Weight
Lasagna Bandages
Heals 10-30HP
Expert Panhandling
+10% Meat
Disco Nap
Heals 20HP, removes some status effects
Cletus's Canticle of Celerity
+20% Init
(Buff @ 4MP)
Double Damage Combat Skill
Ghostly Shell
(Buff @ 6MP)
Cannelloni Cannon
Combat Spell
Elemental Saucesphere
So-so Resist. to all Elem.
(Buff @ 10MP)
Disco Dance II: Electric Boogaloo
9-11 Damage, 5 Delevel
The Power Ballad of the Arrowsmith
+10Mus, +20MaxHP
(Buff @ 5MP)
5Super-Advanced Meatsmithing
Create Weapons
Create Armor
Summon Dry Noodles
Advanced Saucecrafting
Summon Reagents
Advanced Cocktailcrafting
Summon Cocktail Ingredients
The Polka of Plenty
+50% Meat
(Buff @ 7MP)
6Thirst of the Weasel
Smacks restore 1-2HP/fury
Tenacity of the Snapper
+8 Melee Damage
(Buff @ 8MP)
Springy Fusilli
+40% Init
(10adv @ 10MP)
Soul Saucery
Gather Soulsauce
Nimble Fingers
+20% Meat
Jackasses' Symphony of Destruction
+12 Damage
(Buff @ 9MP)
7Hide of the Walrus
Combat Attack
Spirit of Rigatoni
Equip Chefstaffs
Jalapeño Saucesphere
+3DR, Damage Attacker
(Buff @ 5MP)
Tricky Knifework
Become better at knives
Fat Leon's Phat Loot Lyric
+20% Items
(Buff @ 11MP)
8Claws of the Walrus
+7 Melee Damage
Empathy of the Newt
+5 Fam. Weight
(Buff @ 15MP)
Stuffed Mortar Shell
Combat Spell
Itchy Curse Finger
Stagger when Cursing
Mad Looting Skillz
+20% Items
Brawnee's Anthem of Absorption
level DR
(Buff @ 13MP)
9Tongue of the Walrus
Heals 30-40HP
Testudinal Teachings
Familiars Level Faster
Spirit of Ravioli
+25% MaxHP
Intrinsic Spiciness
+level Spell Damage
Disco Greed
Momentum is +Item
The Psalm of Pointiness
Attack + Delevel when Taking Damage
(Buff @ 15MP)
10Lunging Thrust-Smack
Triple Damage Combat Skill
Auto-Hit Attack
Weapon of the Pastalord
Combat Spell
Antibiotic Saucesphere
4-5 HP Regen (Buff @ 15MP)
Disco Bravado
Disco Momentum increases stat points
Stevedave's Shanty of Superiority
+10% All Attributes
(Buff @ 30MP)
11Rage of the Reindeer
+10%Mus, +10Melee
(10adv @ 10MP)
Wisdom of the Elder Tortoises
+50% MaxMP
Leash of Linguini
+5 Fam. Weight
(10adv @ 12MP)
Combat Spell
Adventurer of Leisure
Sleep soundly
Aloysius' Antiphon of Aptitude
+3 Stats per Fight
(Buff @ 40MP)
12Double-Fisted Skull Smashing
Astral Shell
+80DA, Slight Elem. Resist
(Buff @ 10MP)
Cannelloni Cocoon
Heal All HP
Impetuous Sauciness
+5 Adv. for Reagent Potions
Ambidextrous Funkslinging
Use 2 items per combat round
The Ode to Booze
More Adv from Booze
(Buff @ 50MP)
13Northern Exposure
So-So Cold Resist
Cold-Blooded Fearlessness
So-So Spooky Resist
Tolerance of the Kitchen
So-So Hot Resist
Diminished Gag Reflex
So-So Stench Resist
Heart of Polyester
So-So Sleaze Resist
The Sonata of Sneakiness
-5% Combat
(Buff @ 20MP)
14Musk of the Moose
+5% Combat
(10adv @ 10MP)
Hero of the Half-Shell
Musc determines damage taken if Shield equipped
Flavour of Magic
Choose Elem. of Pasta Spells
(40adv @ 10MP)
Irrepressible Spunk
+5% HP/MP
Smooth Movement
-5% Combat
(10adv @ 10MP)
Carlweather's Cantata of Confrontation
+5% Combat
(Buff @ 20MP)
Smash Stuff!
Tao of the Terrapin
Double DR of Hat/Pants
Transcendental Noodlecraft
+2 Dry Noodles, Wok Access
The Way of Sauce
+2 Reagents, use Scrum. Solutions
Superhuman Cocktailcrafting
+2 Ingredients, Still Access
Ur-Kel's Aria of Annoyance
(Buff @ 30MP
Class (Revamp 2013)
1Lunge Smack
+5 Damage Attack
Spirit Vacation
Restore all HP, MP Regen
(1 adv)
Utensil Twist
+100% Spell Dam, 8-10MP Regen
(10 adv @ 1 adv)
Deft Hands
+25% Item Damage
Dissonant Riff
Attach and Delevel
Heal HP, +3 stats/fight (10adv)
(1 adv)
Blessing of the War Snapper
(+5 Mus, +5 Weapon Dam)
(Inf @ 15MP)
Transcendent Al Dente
+20 MaxMP, 19-20MP Regen
(1 adv)
Stream of Sauce
Combat Skill
Disco Dance of Doom
6-8 Damage, 3 Delevel
Attack with Accordion
3Cold Shoulder
Smack skills do +5 cold damage
Stiff Upper Lip
(10 DR)
Bind Vampieroghi
Thrall: Vampieroghi
Icy Glare
+10 Cold [Spell] Damage
Disco State of Mind
Generate Momentum
Crab Claw Technique
Accordion +Accuracy
4Wrath of the Wolverine
Build Fury
Pizza Lover
Om nom nom pizza!
Arched Eyebrow of the Archmage
+10 Spell Damage
(10adv @ 10MP)
Inner Sauce
3-4MP Regen
Frantic Gyrations
Momentum makes you harder to hit
Accordion Bash
Hit with Accordion (Stun)
5Buoyancy of the Beluga
Regen 1HP/adv for each Fury
Shell Up
Bind Vermincelli
Thrall: Vermincelli
Combat Spell
That's Not a Knife
THIS is a knife!
Accordion Appreciation
Accordion +Accuracy
6Scowl of the Auk
(+10 Weapon Damage)
Spirit Snap
Various Attack
Bringing Up the Rear
Power Up Spells!
Curse of Marinara
Curse Damage & Healing
Disco Face Stab
Attack with best Knife
Concerto de los Muertos
Spooky Damage
7Furious Wallop
Guaranteed to Hit Attack (5MP & 1 Fury)
Blessing of She-Who-Was
(+5Mys, +5 Spooky Dam)
Bind Angel Hair Wisp
Thrall: Angel Hair Wisp
Wave of Sauce
Combat Spell
Flashy Dancer
Momentum makes you dodge
Five Finger Discount
5% Off!
8Club Foot
Delevel Attack
Butts of Steel
<3 Butts
Shield of the Pastalord
30% Dam Reduction
(10 adv @ 20MP)
Curse of the Thousand Islands
Curse Stagger
Disco Smirk
+10 Mox
(10 adv)
Suspicious Gaze
+20% Init
(10 adv @ 10MP)
9Seething of the Snow Leopard
Addnl. Bonus Damage from Fury
Spiky Shell
Damage Attacking Opponents
Bind Undead Elbow Macaroni
Thrall: Elbow Macaroni
Cold Damage
Knife in the Dark
Attack with best Knife
Bawdy Refrain
Sleaze Attack
10Ire of the Orca
Fury Capacity increased to 5
Reptilian Fortitude
(Buff @ 10MP)
Thrall Unit Tactics
-MP Cost with Thrall
Master Saucier
+10% Spell Damage
Disco Shank
Thief Among the Honorable
+5% Items
11Batter Up!
Increase Hit Chance
Blessing of the Storm Tortoise
+5% Init, MP+10
Bind Penne Dreadful
Thrall: Penne Dreadful
Om nom nom sauce!
Disco Dance 3: Back in the Habit
Attack. 14 Delevel
Sticky Fingers
Pickpocket Meat
12Cavalcade of Fury
(All Fury)
The Long View
+3 Adv/Day
Subtle and Quick to Anger
+10% Spell Dam
Curse of Weaksauce
Curse Weaken
Disco Inferno
Hot Damage
Cone of Zydeco
13Northern Explosion
Cold Attack
Spirit Boon
Receive Boon
Bind Lasagmbie
Thrall: Lasagmbie
Wry Smile
+1 Mys per Fight
Disco Fever
+10 Mox, +10 Ranged Dam
(10 Adv)
Master Accordion Master Thief
+10% Pickpocket Chance
14Precision of the Penguin
+1Crit% per Fury
Patient Smile
+1Mus Stat/Fight
Wizard Squint
+10% Spell Crit
Sauce Monocle
+15% Crit(10 adv @ 20MP)
Sensitive Fingers
+10% Pickpocket
Knowing Smile
+1 Moxie Stat/fight
(10 adv @ 10MP)
15Pride of the Puffin
Turtle Power
Bring it on.
Bind Spice Ghost
Thrall: Spice Ghost
Blood Sugar Sauce Magic
MP at cost of HP
Disco Leer
+10% Meat
(10 Adv)
Mariachi Memory
+1 Song
Class (Other)
SpookyravenSnarl of the Timberwolf
+10 Spooky Damage
(10adv @ 10MP)
Spectral Snapper
Combat Attack
Fearful Fettucini
Combat Spell
So-So Sleaze/Cold Resist
(Buff @ 10MP)
Tango of Terror
15-18 Spooky Damage, 8 Delevel
Dirge of Dreadfulness
+12 Spooky Damage
(Buff @ 12MP)
The SeaHarpoon!
Combat Skill
Summon Leviatuga
301-350 Damage
Create Tempura Dishes
Deep Saucery
Create Potions with Globes of Deep Sauce
Salacious Cocktailcrafting
Use Seaodes in Cocktailcrafting
Donho's Bubbly Ballad
-20% Underwater Penalty
(Buff @ 75MP)
Trader 2010Iron Palm Technique
Swords Become Clubs
Curiosity of Br'er Tarrypin
+1Fam Exp/Combat
Stringozzi Serpent
Attack and Poison
Stench Saucestorm
Kung Fu Hustler
Power to the Fists!
Inigo's Incantation of Inspiration
Free Crafting
Crimbo 2009Holiday Weight Gain
+MaxHP Buff
Jingle Bells
Familiar Acts More
Damage and Candy!
Surge of Icing
Damage Spell
Stealth Mistletoe
Delevels more with DB Attacks
Cringle's Curative Carol
Restore 5-10HP/Adv
HodgmanNatural Born Scrabbler
+5% Items
Thrift and Grift
+10% Meat
Abs of Tin
+10% MaxHP
Marginally Insane
+10% MaxMP

30MP ElementalConjure Relaxing Campfire
Maximum Chill
Inappropriate Backrub
Creepy Lullaby
120MP ElementalAwesome Balls of Fire
Grease Lightning
Raise Backup Dancer
Accordion ThiefThe Ballad of Richie Thingfinder
+50% Meat, +20% Items
(Buff @ 50MP)
Benetton's Medley of Diversity
+15 Prism. Damage
(Buff @ 50MP)
Elron's Explosive Etude
+50% Spell Damage
(Buff @ 50MP)
Chorale of Companionship
+10 Fam Weight
(Buff @ 50MP)
Prelude of Precision
+2% Crit Chance
(Buff @ 50MP)

Dread (SC)
Club Earth
Carbohydrate Cudgel
Grab a Cold One
Song of the North
Dread (TT)

Conspiratorial Whispers
Song of Slowness
Dread (PM)

Spaghetti Breakfast
Shadow Noodles
Song of Starch
Dread (S)

Song of Sauce
Dread (DB)

Song of Bravado
Crimbo 2010Fashionably Late
+1 Adventure Per Day
Executive Narcolepsy
One Free Rest Per Day
Lunch Break
Summon a Sack Lunch
Offensive Joke
Sleaze Damage, 20 Delevel
Managerial Manipulation
+10 All Stats (Others Only)

Crimbo 2014Rapid Prototyping
Craft 5 Times a Day, Free
Mathematical Precision
Combat Items 50% more Damage
(20 adv @ 10MP)
Ruthless Efficiency
Deleveling 50% Better
(20 adv @ 10MP)

PVPSummon Holiday Fun!
Summon Carrot

GnomishTorso Awaregness
Wear Shirts
Gnomish Hardigness
+5% MaxHP
Cosmic Ugnderstanding
+5% MaxMP
Powers of Observatiogn
+10% Items
Gnefarious Pickpocketing
+10% Meat

The Slime TubeSlimy Sinews
+20 MaxHP
Slimy Synapses
+10 MaxMP
Slimy Shoulders
+20% Init

Misc.Chronic Indigestion
Rainbow Gravitation
Really Expensive Jewelrycrafting
Transcendent Olfaction
Vent Rage Gland
Misc. 2Summon Annoyance
Summon Crimbo Candy
Unaccompanied Miner
Volcanometeor Showeruption
Natural Born Skeleton Killer
+10% Skeleton Murder!
Master of the Surprising Fist
+10 Dam and +20 to-hit with empty hands
Misc. 3Summon "Boner Battalion"
Damage Each round of Combat
Torment Plant
Pinch Ghost
Chip on your Shoulder
Misc. 4Request Sandwich
Silent Slam
Silent Squirt
Silent Slice
Bind Spaghetti Elemental
Bind Spaghetti Thrall
Misc. 5Singer's Faithful Ocelot
Drescher's Annoying Noise
Walberg's Dim Bulb
Deep Dark Visions
Non-Elemental Damage
Psychokinetic Hug
+10 Stats
Misc. 6Grease Up
+15 Sleaze Damage
Sloppy Secrets
More Beach Bucks
Alien Source Code
Max MP +5
Belch The Rainbow
Pirate Bellow
Serious Sleaze Resist (+3)
Misc. 7

Mr. Store
TomesSummon Snowcones
Summon Stickers
Summon Sugar Sheets
Summon Clip Art
Summon Rad Libs
Summon Smithsness
Librams 1Summon Party Favor
Summon Candy Heart
Summon Love Song
Summon BRICKOs
Summon Dice
Summon Resolutions
Librams 2Summon Taffy

GrimoiresSummon Hilarious Objects
Summon Tasteful Items
Summon Alice's Army Cards
Summon Geeky Gifts
Summon Confiscated Things

Other Mr. ItemsHypersane
Serious Spooky Resist (+3)
Intimidating Mein
+15 Spooky Dam
(10 adv @ 15MP)


You have 118 tattoos and no outfits for which you do not have the corresponding tattoo.





Legendary Regalia of the Seal Crusher




Legendary Regalia of the Chelonian Overlord




Legendary Regalia of the Pasta Master


Zombie Slayer






Legendary Regalia of the Saucemaestro




Legendary Regalia of the Groovelord




Legendary Regalia of the Master Squeezeboxer


Zombie Slayer HC
































8-Bit Finery

Antique Arms and Armor

Arboreal Raiment

Arrrbor Day Apparrrrrel

Black Armaments

Blasphemous Bedizenment

Bounty-Hunting Rig

Bow Tux

BRICKOfig Outfit

Bugbear Costume

Cloaca-Cola Uniform

Clockwork Apparatus

Crimbo Duds

Crimborg Assault Armor

Cold Comforts

Cursed Zombie Pirate Costume

Dark Bro's Vestments

Dire Drifter Duds

Dwarvish War Uniform

Dyspepsi-Cola Uniform

El Vibrato Relics

Encephalic Ensemble

eXtreme Cold-Weather Gear

Knight's Armor

Filthy Hippy Disguise

Floaty Fatigues

Frat Boy Ensemble

Frat Warrior Fatigues

Frigid Northlands Garb

Furry Suit

Glad Bag Glad Rags

Gnauga Hides

Grass Guise

Grimy Reaper's Vestments

Fancy Tux

Hodgman's Regal Frippery


Hot and Cold Running Ninja Suit

Hyperborean Hobo Habiliments

Knob Goblin Elite Guard Uniform

Knob Goblin Harem Girl Disguise


Mining Gear

Mutant Couture

OK Lumber. Outfit

Palmist Para.


Pork Elf Prizes

Primitive Radio Duds

Pyretic Panhandler Paraphernalia

Radio Free Regalia

Roy Orbison Disguise


Smoked Pottery

Snowman Suit

Star Garb

Swashbuckling Getup

Sucker Samurai Suit

Tapered Threads

Tawdry Tramp Togs

Terrifying Clown Suit

Terrycloth Tackle

Time Trappings

Thousandth Birthday Suit

Transparent Trappings

Tropical Crimbo Duds

Unblemished Uniform

Uncle Hobo's Rags

Vestments of the Treeslayer

Vile Vagrant Vestments

War Hippy Fatigues

Wumpus-Hair Wardrobe

Yendorian Finery

Clay Tattoo

Wax Wardrobe

Pinata Provisions

Oil Rig

Animelf Apparel

Seafaring Suit

Crappy Mer-kin Disguise

Mer-kin Gladiatorial Gear

Mer-kin Scholar's Vestments

Raiments of the Final Boss

Violent Vestments

Hateful Habiliment

Clothing of Loathing

Dreadful Bugbear Tattoo

Dreadful Ghost Tattoo

Dreadful Pajama Tattoo

Dreadful Skeleton Tattoo

Dreadful Vampire Tattoo

Dreadful Werewolf Tattoo

Dreadful Zombie Tattoo

Cool Iron Tattoo

Mark of the Bugbear

Mark of the Werewolf

Mark of the Zombie

Mark of the Ghost

Mark of the Vampire

Mark of the Skeleton

Dreadsylvania 1000FK Tattoo

Space Beast Furs

Brogre Brouture

Xiblaxian Tattoo

SPQL Tattoo

Bear Claw Tattoo


High-Radiation Tattoo

ZAP! Tattoo

Ceramic Suit Tattoo

Synthetic Suit Tattoo

Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete XXIX

Sneaky Pete XXIX 2

Sneaky Pete XXIX 3

Sneaky Pete XXIX 4

Sneaky Pete XXIX 5









Delicious Salad

Demon Tattoo


Loathing Legion

Alice's Army

Best Game Ever!!!

Corrupted Data

FDKOL tattoo

Topiary Tattoo

Merc Core challenge coin

Hobo Tattoo 7/19


You have 80 trophies.

100 Shore Trips

1000 Shore Trips

30 White Canadians

Familiars total 100+ lbs

Familiars total 300+ lbs

10+ Turns Protesting

100+ Turns Protesting

Build Pagoda

5 Spaghetti with Skullheads

5 nasty-ass tomato daiquiris

11 ghuol ghuolash

Steal Toast in PvP
Discard Pretty Flower

420 Herb Brownies

5 White Choc and Tomato Pizzas

Familiars total 500+ lbs

50 Lucky Suprise Eggs

All 32 TPS1 in DC

Use 99 Red Balloons

Find 10 Clockwork Keys

Beat All Bosses at 11

Perm all 5 Fragnk Skills

Defend Gourd 21 times in HC

Receive 'One Day in the Life' in Bugbear Pens

Perm all 6 Starting Skills

Be Present for Ascension Rollout

Eat three-tiered wedding cake

Defeat 10 Reindeer

Defeat 100 Reindeer

Take trophy in leaflet quest

No Pants on 1st Jan 2006

90%+ Stab Bat Run

30 Sex Changes

1 Million Meat in HC

Add 'Laura Palmer' to Quest Log

1000+ Drunk

1 million meat to each statue

Use firecracker on July 4th

60 WC burgers, 10 WC fries, 4 Cherry and Diet Cloaca Colas

Lv30 SC

Lv30 TT

Lv30 PM

Lv30 SA

Lv30 DB

Lv30 AT

Read manual 30 times

Slip on 3 banana peels

11 Full/Drunk/Spleen

100 adv in bathroom with autoplunger

Hotform +100 Hot Damage

Coldform +100 Cold Damage

Spookyform +100 Spooky Damage

Stenchform +100 Stench Damage

Sleazeform +100 Sleaze Damage

Use 50 Scrolls of Evil

Summon 30 Demons

Use 100 Chaos Butterflies

Know all Spookyraven Skills

Multi-Use 11 Confetti

Defeat 240 Black Puddings

Drink 80 Around-the-Worlds

Kill all DoD Monsters 120 times in one Ascension

13 Spooky Pirate Skeletons in Closet

10 90+% Ascensions

30 90%+ Ascensions

100 Runaways

Multi-use 29 palm-frond fans from your inventory.

All 64 Tiny Plastic Series 2 in DC

69 Meat Pasting Recipes

50 Cooking Recipes

100 Cooking Recipes

150 Cooking Recipes

20 Cocktailcrafting Recipes

50 Cocktailcrafting Recipes

100 Cocktail Recipes

50 Meatsmithing Recipes

100 Meatsmithing Recipes

150 Meatsmithing Recipes

30 Jewelrycrafting Recipes

Defeat Trophyfish

Sell Marbles to Collector

5 Consecutive Wumpus Hunts

Become a Little Bit Evil 13 Times in one Ascension

Receive the Cold-Blooded Warm Fuzzies buff 30 times.

Use all 11 disco and rave combos in a single fight.

Equip yourself entirely in seal hide

Eating a single pasta dish with ten days' worth of Canticle of Carboloading applied

Discover all possible Slime Potion recipes

Make 7 unique AT Buff recordings.

Use 40 4-d cameras.

Discover 50 different miscellaneous recipes

Defeat 7 Airships

Defeat your Nemesis in the order SC -> TT -> P -> S -> DB -> ATs

Beat Scratch Rackonteur at pool 23 times

Defeat 99 monsters with a Loathing Legion hammer equipped.

Have all 15 Pokemann figurines in your display case

Wearing 30 Bs during a Bees Hate You run in combat

Win 2000 lunar isotopes in Porko

Perm both Kung Fu Hustler and Master of the Surprising Fist

Deal 5,000 damage with a single Flying Fire Fist

Donate one million Meat worth in items to charity

Multi-using d12s

Use all 11 different pogs in any order as long as #11 is last in a single combat.

Lv30 AoB

Consume all 66 siphoned spirits.

Use a papier-mâché trophy piñata

Have all 11 Microplushies in your Display Case

Cast Haggis Kick by wearing haggis socks while wearing Mr. Haggis and having the effects Sheepskinned, Highland Sheen, and Hagg-ard

Have all five possible effects from the Magic Tongue effect simultaneously

Use 37 37x37x37 puzzle cubes

Keep a ChibiBuddy alive for 11 days

Have all 32 Tiny plastic series 3 figurines in your display case

Achieve level 30 as an Avatar of Jarlsberg

Equip the Mayor Ghost outfit.

Dreadful Rainbow

Get all 30 Tales of Dread

50 bottles of Bloodweiser

50 glasses of electric Kool-Aid.

Independently gain 10,000 kisses in Dreadsylvania

Have all Dread Bosses Effects at Once

Defeat X-fingered Shop Teacher 11 times in one ascension

Commit to Each Clique

Fully upgrade the yearbook camera.

Kill 1,000 enemies with a bone abacus.

Drink all the beers from A Beer Garden in a single day

Have all 12 disco horoscope effects active at the same time

"Collect" all 37 PEEZ dispensers

Make a bowl of petunias

Eat 108 warbear gyros

Have an entire set of Tiny Die-Cast series 1 in your Display Case

Use 11 bottles of Cloaca Cola Polar

Watch Cinderella throw up on the Prince's Shoes.

Conspire to frame Cinderella.

Kill Cinderella.

Master glass, filling, and parchment in Rumpelstiltskin's Workshop.

Achieve level 30 as an Avatar of Sneaky Pete

Wear a red shirt with Red-Shirted Escort active.

Acquire and equip stuff from Thinknerd packages

Drink 11 mini-martinis

Nine Spelunks

Beat Lolmec

Beat Yomama



You have 121 familiars, have done 47 tourguide runs and 43 100% runs.



Levitating Potato

Angry Goat

Sabre-Toothed Lime

Fuzzy Dice

Spooky Pirate Skeleton


Howling Balloon Monkey

Stab Bat


Blood-Faced Volleyball

Ghuol Whelp

Baby Gravy Fairy


Star Starfish

Hovering Sombrero

Ghost Pickle on a Stick

Killer Bee

Whirling Maple Leaf

Coffee Pixie

Cheshire Bat


Hand Turkey

Crimbo Elf

Hanukkimbo Dreidl

Baby Yeti

Feather Boa Constrictor

Emo Squid

Personal Raincloud

Clockwork Grapefruit

MagiMechTech MicroMechaMech

Flaming Gravy Fairy

Frozen Gravy Fairy

Stinky Gravy Fairy

Spooky Gravy Fairy

Inflatable Dodecapede

Pygmy Bugbear Shaman


Attention-Deficit Demon

Cymbal-Playing Monkey

Temporal Riftlet

Sweet Nutcracker

Pet Rock

Snowy Owl

Teddy Bear

Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot

Sleazy Gravy Fairy

Wild Hare

Wind-up Chattering Teeth

Spirit Hobo

Astral Badger

Comma Chameleon

Misshapen Animal Skeleton

Scary Death Orb


Nervous Tick

Origami Towel Crane

Ninja Snowflake

Evil Teddy Bear

Toothsome Rock

Ancient Yuletide Troll

Dandy Lion


Penguin Goodfella

Jumpsuited Hound Dog

Green Pixie

Ragamuffin Imp

Exotic Parrot

Wizard Action Figure

Gluttonous Green Ghost

Casagnova Gnome

Hunchbacked Minion

Crimbo P. R. E. S. S. I. E.

Bulky Buddy Box

Teddy Borg


El Vibrato Megadrone

Mad Hatrack

Adorable Seal Larva

Untamed Turtle

Animated Macaroni Duck

Pet Cheezling

Autonomous Disco Ball

Mariachi Chihuahua

Hobo Monkey

Llama Lama

Cotton Candy Carnie

Disembodied Hand

Black Cat


Psychedelic Bear

Baby Mutant Rattlesnake

Mutant Fire Ant

Mutant Cactus Bud

Mutant Gila Monster


Sugar Fruit Fairy

Imitation Crab

Pair of Ragged Claws

Magic Dragonfish

Frumious Bandersnatch

Midget Clownfish

Syncopated Turtle

Grinning Turtle

Purse Rat


Baby Sandworm



Rock Lobster

Urchin Urchin

Grouper Groupie

Squamous Gibberer

Dancing Frog

Chauvinist Pig

Stocking Mimic

Snow Angel


BRICKO chick

Baby Bugged Bugbear

Underworld Bonsai

Rogue Program


Pottery Barn Owl

Hippo Ballerina

Knob Goblin Organ Grinder

Piano Cat

Dramatic Hedgehog

Smiling Rat

Robot Reindeer

Holiday Log

Obtuse Angel

Li'l Xenomorph


Pair of Stomping Boots

Feral Kobold

Fancypants Scarecrow

Bloovian Groose

Blavious Kloop

Peppermint Rhino

Tickle-Me Emilio

Reassembled Blackbird

Reconstituted Crow

Happy Medium

Artistic Goth Kid

Flaming Face

Reagnimated Gnome

Hovering Skull


Angry Jung Man

Unconscious Collective


Oily Woim

Homemade Robot


Gelatinous Cubeling

Adorable Space Buddy

Nosy Nose


Mechanical Songbird

Steam-Powered Cheerleader

Reanimated Reanimator

Warbear Drone

Grimstone Golem

Grim Brother

Miniature Sword & Martini Guy

Putty Buddy

Twitching Space Critter

Galloping Grill

Helix Fossil

Xiblaxian Holo-Companion

Baby Z-Rex

Fist Turkey

Crimbo Shrub


Topiary Skunk

Golden Money

Adventurous Spelunker


100% Run Done 90% Run Done Have Familiar Have Familiar Hatchling Don't have Familiar

Colourblind Legend

100% Run Done 90% Run Done Have Familiar Have Familiar Hatchling Don't have Familiar

War Medals

Red Balloon of Valor

Purple Horseshoe of Honor

Blue Diamond of Honesty

Green Clover of Justice

Yellow Moon of Compassion

Orange Star of Sacrifice

Pink Heart of Spirit
Uranium Omega of Temperance

Lead Zeta of Chastity

Aluminum Epsilon of Humility

Zinc Delta of Tranquility

Nickel Gamma of Frugality

Iron Beta of Industry

Copper Alpha of Sincerity
Order of the Silver Wossname


Hobopolis BossOutfit PiecesOther Pieces
Frosty's old silk hat

Frosty's carrot

Frosty's nailbat

Frosty's iceball

Frosty's snowball sack

Frosty's arm
Zombo's skullcap

Zombo's shield

Zombo's grievous greaves

Zombo's empty eye

Zombo's shoulder blade

Zombo's skull ring
Chester's bag of candy

Chester's cutoffs

Chester's moustache

Chester's Aquarius medallion

Chester's muscle shirt

Chester's sunglasses
Ol Scratch
Ol' Scratch's stovepipe hat

Ol' Scratch's ash can

Ol' Scratch's ol' britches

Ol' Scratch's infernal pitchfork

Ol' Scratch's manacles

Ol' Scratch's stove door
Wand of Oscus

Oscus's dumpster waders

Oscus's pelt

Oscus's flypaper pants

Oscus's garbage can lid

Oscus's neverending soda
Uncle Hobo
Uncle Hobo's gift baggy pants

Uncle Hobo's epic beard

Uncle Hobo's stocking cap

Uncle Hobo's fingerless tinsel gloves

Uncle Hobo's highest bough

Uncle Hobo's belt
Hodgman's porkpie hat

Hodgman's lobsterskin pants

Hodgman's bow tie

Hodgman's lucky sock
Hodgman Offhands
Hodgman's almanac

Hodgman's metal detector

Hodgman's varcolac paw

Hodgman's harmonica

Hodgman's garbage sticker

Hodgman's cane
Hodgman Speed
Hodgman's whackin' stick

Hodgman's disgusting technicolor overcoat

Hodgman's imaginary hamster

Hobo Code Binder

The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert Battlefield Belowdecks Bugbear Pen Camp Logging Camp
Cobb"s Knob Menagerie, Level 3 Cola Wars Battlefield Defiled Nook Enormous Greater-Than Sign eXtreme Slope
"Fun" House Lair of the Ninja Snowmen Limerick Dungeon Misspelled Cemetary Noob Cave
Penultimate Fantasy Airship Poker Room Road to White Citadel Sleazy Back Alley Thugnderdome

Slime Tube

hardened slime belt

hardened slime hat

hardened slime pants


pernicious cudgel

diabolical crossbow

villainous scythe

grisly shield

corrosive cowl

corroded breeches

malevolent medallion

baneful bandolier
slime-covered club

slime-covered speargun

slime-covered helmet

slime-covered necklace
slime-covered lantern

slime-covered shovel

slime-covered compass

slime-covered greaves

Slime-covered staff


1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Ascension Rewards

stainless steel shillelagh

stainless steel skullcap

stainless steel solitaire

stainless steel scarf

stainless steel slacks

stainless steel suspenders

plexiglass pikestaff

plexiglass pith helmet

plexiglass pocketwatch

plexiglass pinky ring

plexiglass pants

plexiglass pendant

Brimstone Bludgeon

Brimstone Bunker

Brimstone Brooch

Brimstone Bracelet

Brimstone Boxers

Brimstone Beret

Discoveries - Cocktailcrafting

You have found 126 of these discoveries.

Are some discoveries not showing up? Turn Inventory Images ON and one-click crafting OFF and try again - it has a higher success rate.

CrimbojitoDivineFeliz NavidadGin MintGordon Bennett
Mae WestMae West with a fly in itMint YulepMon TikiNeuromancer
Russian IceSangria de MentheVodka MatryoshkaWhite Hyboriana little sump'm sump'm
an evil little sump'm sump'mbanana daiquiriberry-infused sakeblended frozen swillblended frozen swill with a fly in it
bloody beer (Sir S)bloody beer (Willer)bloody marybodyslamboilermaker
bottle of ginbottle of rumbottle of sakebottle of tequilabottle of vodka
bottle of whiskeyboxed winebungle in the junglecaipifrutacalle de miel
calle de miel with a fly in itcherry bombcitrus-infused sakecool mushroom winedew yoana lei
dew yoana salacious leidirty martinidry martinidry vodka martiniducha de oro
eggnogespecially salty dogevil ducha de oroevil horizontal tangoevil roll in the hay
extra-spicy bloody maryfine wineflaming mushroom wineflat mushroom winefruity girl swill
fuzzbumpgibsongimletgin and tonicgloomy mushroom wine
green beer (Sir S)green beer (Willer)green drunki-beargroggrogtini
horizontal tangoicy mushroom wineknob mushroom wineknoll mushroom winelumbering jack
lychee chuhaimandarina coladamandarina colada with a fly in itmargaritamartini
melon-infused sakemimosettemonkey wrenchocean motionoily mushroom wine
old-fashionedpapaya slingparisian cathousepebblebräu (Sir S)pebblebräu (Willer)
perpendicular hulaperpendicular hula with a fly in itpink ponyplum winepointy mushroom wine
prussian cathouseprussian cathouse with a fly in itpumpkin beerrabbit punchred drunki-bear
redrumrockin' wagonrockin' wagon with a fly in itroll in the hayrum and cola (cloaca)
rum and cola (dyspepsi)salacious lychee chuhaisalacious screwdiversalty dogsangria
sangria del diabloscrewdiverscrewdrivershot of blackberry schnappsshot of flower schnapps
shot of grapefruit schnappsshot of orange schnappsshot of peach schnappsshot of pear schnappsshot of tomato schnapps
skewered cherryskewered jumbo oliveskewered limeslap and slap againslap and tickle
slap and tickle with a fly in itslip 'n' slidesoft green echo eyedrop antidote martinispiced rumspooky mushroom wine
stinky mushroom winestrawberry daiquiristrawberry winetangaritatangarita with a fly in it
teqiwilateqiwila slammertequila sunrisetequila sunsettequila with training wheels
tropical swillvespervodka and cranberryvodka and tonicvodka gibson
vodka martinivodka stratocasterwhiskey and cola (cloaca)whiskey and cola (dyspepsi)whiskey and soda
whiskey bittersweetwhiskey sourwhite Canadianwine spritzerworld's most unappetizing beverage
yellow brick roadyellow drunki-bearzmobie  

Discoveries - Food

You have found 183 of these discoveries.

Are some discoveries not showing up? Turn Inventory Images ON and one-click crafting OFF and try again - it has a higher success rate.

3vi1 pr0n m4nic0ttiBoris's key limeBoris's key lime pieConnery's Elixir of AudacityCrimbo pie
Ferrigno's Elixir of PowerFettucini %C3%A9pines InconnuFrogadeHawking's Elixir of BrillianceHell broth
Hell ramenHimalayan Hidalgo sauceHumpty DumplingsJarlsberg's key limeJarlsberg's key lime pie
Knob cakeKnob lo meinKnob sausage stir-fryKnob shroomkabobKnob stir-fry
Knoll lo meinKnoll shroomkabobKnoll stir-fryLucky Surprise EggSalsa de las Epocas
Sneaky Pete's key limeSneaky Pete's key lime pieSpooky Surprise Eggasparagus lo meinasparagus stir-fry
banana cream piebanana milkshakebanana smoothiebanana spritzerbat haggis
bat wing kabobbat wing stir-frybean burritobeer basted bratbitter pill
blackberry politeboring spaghettibrains casserolebriny vinegarcarob brownies
carob chunk cookiescatgut tacocherry piechorizo tacococoa egg
cold and sour saucecold wadcologne of contemptconcentrated cordial of concentrationconcoction of clumsiness
cool mushroom casserolecordial of concentrationcranberry cordialcream of pointy mushroom soupcream pie
delicious noodlesdelicious spicy noodlesdigital key limedigital key lime pieenchanted bean burrito
evil boring spaghettievil delicious noodlesevil delicious spicy noodlesevil eyedrops of the ermineevil libation of liveliness
evil ointment of the occultevil painful penne pastaevil philter of phorceevil potion of potencyevil ravioli della hippy
evil serum of sarcasmevil spicy noodlesevil tomato juice of powerful powereyedrops of newteyedrops of the ermine
eyedrops of the ocelotfancy schmancy cheese saucefettucini Inconnufishy fishfishy fish casserole
flask of baconstone juiceflask of hamethyst juiceflask of porquoise juiceflower petal piefluid of fudge-finding
fudgesicleghost pickle on a stickghostly pickling solutionghuol egg quicheghuol-ear kabob
gnatloafgnatloaf casserolegnocchetti di Nietzschegoat cheese pizzagoat cheese taco
grue egg omeletteherb brownieshippy herbal teahot and sour saucehot stuffing
hot wadinsanely spicy bean burritoinsanely spicy enchanted bean burritoinsanely spicy jumping bean burritojug of baconstone juice
jug of hamethyst juicejug of porquoise juicejumping bean burritojumping bean tacolarge cocoa eggshell fragment
lemon meringue pielemon popsiclelibation of livelinesslihc eye pieliver popsicle
long pork casserolelong pork chop sandwichesmenudomilk of magnesiummushroom pizza
nutty organic saladoil of expertiseoil of oilinessoil of slipperinessoil of stability
ointment of the occultolive lo meinolive stir-fryorange popsiclepainful penne pasta
papaya tacopapotion of papowerpeach lozengepeach piepear lozenge
pear tartperfume of prejudicephial of coldnessphial of hotnessphial of sleaziness
phial of spookinessphial of stenchphilter of phorcepie crustplain pizza (flat dough)
plain pizza (wad of dough)plum lozengepotent potion of potencypotion of potencypotion of temporary gr8tness
pr0n cocktail (catsup)pr0n cocktail (ketchup)pr0n m4nic0ttipr0n stir-frypr0n taco
pregnant gloomy black mushroompregnant mushroompregnant oily golden mushroompressurized potion of perceptionpressurized potion of perspicacity
pressurized potion of pneumaticitypressurized potion of proficiencypressurized potion of puissancepressurized potion of pulchritudepumpkin pie
rat appendix kabobrat appendix stir-fryrat scrappleravioli della hippyrocky road ice cream (baboon)
rocky road ice cream (goat)royal jelly tacosalamander slurrysauce of the agessausage pizza
secret blend of herbs and spicesserum of sarcasmskewered cat appendixsleaze wadsleazy and sour sauce
sleazy fairy gravyspaghetti con calaverasspaghetti with Skullheadsspectral picklespicy bean burrito
spicy enchanted bean burritospicy jumping bean burritospicy mushroom quesadillaspicy noodlesspooky and sour sauce
spooky glovespooky lo meinspooky shroomkabobspooky stir-fryspooky wad
squirmy violent party snackstar key limestar key lime piestench and sour saucestench wad
strawberry piestrawberry popsiclestuffed spooky mushroomsuper ka-bobsuper salad
tempura airtempura avocadotempura broccolitempura carrottempura cauliflower
tempura cucumbertempura radishtofu casseroletofu stir-frytofu taco
tomato juice of powerful powerunfrosted Knob cakeunwound clockwork grapefruitvial of baconstone juicevial of hamethyst juice
vial of porquoise juicewet stewwet stunt nut stewwhite chocolate chip brownieswhite chocolate chip cookies

Discoveries - Meat Pasting

You have found 96 of these discoveries.

Are some discoveries not showing up? Turn Inventory Images ON and one-click crafting OFF and try again - it has a higher success rate.

4-d cameraA Beginner's Guide to Charming Snakes (used)A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 1 (used)A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 2 (used)A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 3 (used)
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 4 (used)A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 5 (used)A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 6 (used)Autobiography Of Dynamite Superman Jones (used)Bonerdagon necklace
CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 1) (used)CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 2) (used)CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 3) (used)CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 4) (used)CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 5) (used)
Ellsbury's journal (used)Field Guide to Skeletal Anatomy (shredded)Gnollish autoplungerHarold's hammerInigo's Incantation of Inspiration (crumpled)
Meat maidMeat maid bodyNDNGStaff of Ed (eye)
Staff of Ed (headpiece)Staff of Ed, almostTales of a Kansas Toymaker (used)Talisman o' NamThe Art of Slapfighting (used)
The Joy of Wassailing (used)The Necbronomicon (used)Uncle Romulus (used)WAWand of Nagamar
Zu Mannkäse Dienen (used)abridged dictionaryaerated diving helmetammonite candy moldasshat
badass beltbanana supersuckerbarskin tentbartender skullbartender-in-the-box
beach glass necklacebeanbag chairbeer gogglesbelemnite candy moldbitchin' meatcar
blank fudge moldbone rattlebox-in-the-boxbox-in-the-box-in-the-boxboxing glove on a spring
boxing-glove-in-a-boxbrainy skullburrowgrub hivecandy cane candygramchaos popcorn
charged magnetchef skullchef-in-the-boxchitinous podclockwork bartender head
clockwork bartender-in-the-boxclockwork chef headclockwork chef-in-the-boxclockwork detective skullclockwork maid
clockwork maid headclockwork pirate skullclub of corruptioncog and sprocket assemblycorrupt club of corrupt corruption
corrupt club of corruptioncottagecreepy voodoo dolldecaying wooden oardetective skull
disembodied smiledope wheelsdusty animal skulleXtreme nose ringenchanted eyepatch
evil golden archesfertilized ghuol eggfull meat tankgiant fishhookgnashing teeth
gnatwing earringgnoll-tooth necklacegoatgrass whistleheadpiece of the Staff of Ed
heavy metal sonataheavy metal thunderrr guitarrrholiday loghosed fishbowlhosed tank
hot daubhovering sombreroice skate decoyice skate dollimbued seal-blubber candle
innuendointragalactic rowboatkumquat supersuckerleaflifeless meat doll
lime supersuckermaid headmakeshift SCUBA gear (hosed fishbowl)makeshift SCUBA gear (hosed tank)maple leaf
mass of wriggling tentaclesmeat enginemeat facemeat golemmeat stack
memory of a CA base pairmemory of a CG base pairmemory of a CT base pairmemory of a GT base pairmemory of an AG base pair
memory of an AT base pairmysterious presentninja pirate zombie robot headnothing-in-the-boxnothing-in-the-box-in-the-box
office-supply crossbowone-winged stab batoyster basketpair of ragged clawspair of twitching claws
parasitic clawparasitic headgnawerparasitic stranglewormparasitic tentaclespeace-sign necklace
pear supersuckerpeppermint parasolphat turquoise braceletpirate skullpirate zombie head
pirate zombie robot headpopcornpresentpretty bouquetpumpkin bomb
pumpkin carriagerainbow bombreally really sticky spider webreally sticky spider webreassembled blackbird
reconstituted crowrewinged stab batroller skate decoyroller skate dollrusty metal key
rusty old lanterns'more gunsabre-toothed lime cubsandpaperscary death orb
scrap of sticky paperskeleton keysmoked potsherdspooky scarecrowspooky staff
sprocket assemblystrawberry supersuckertambourinethe fingertiny black hole
trilobite candy moldwangwholeberdwings of firewriggling tentacle

Discoveries - Smithing

You have found 179 of these discoveries.

Are some discoveries not showing up? Turn Inventory Images ON and one-click crafting OFF and try again - it has a higher success rate.

17-alarm Saucepan5-Alarm Saucepan7-inch discusBjorn's HammerChelonian Morningstar
Crimbo hatCrimbo pantsCrimbo swordDisco BanjoFrost™ brand sword
Greek Pasta of PerilHammer of SmitingKentucky-fried meat crossbowKentucky-fried meat staffKentucky-fried meat sword
Mace of the TortoisePVC staffPasta of PerilRock and Roll LegendShagadelic Disco Banjo
Spirit PrecipiceSqueezebox of the AgesStaff of the November Jack-O-LanternSuper Magic Power Sword XTropical Crimbo Hat
Tropical Crimbo ShortsTropical Crimbo Swordancient turtle shell helmetasbestos crossbowasbestos helmet turtle
asbestos meat stackasbestos staffasbestos swordbaneful bandolierbar whip
barskin bucklerbarskin cloakbarskin hatbarskin loinclothbasic meat crossbow
basic meat fezbasic meat foonbasic meat helmetbasic meat kiltbasic meat pants
basic meat skirtbasic meat sporkbasic meat staffbasic meat swordbat hat
bat whipbat-ass leather jacketblack beltblack cowboy hatbow staff
bowlegged pantsbowlerbubble bauble bowbubblewrap bottlecap turtlebanbubblewrap crossbow
bubblewrap staffbubblewrap swordbuffalo bladecan cannoncardboard box turtle
cardboard crossbowcardboard staffcardboard swordcarob cannoncatskin buckler
catskin capchrome crossbowchrome helmet turtlechrome meat stackchrome staff
chrome swordclown whipclown wigclownskin beltclownskin buckler
clownskin harnessclub of the five seasonscorroded breechescorrosive cowlcreepy-ass club
curdflingerdemon bucklerdemon whipdemon-horned hatdemonskin jacket
demonskin trousersdense meat crossbowdense meat staffdense meat sworddepleted Grimacite astrolabe
depleted Grimacite grappling hookdepleted Grimacite gravy boatdepleted Grimacite hammerdepleted Grimacite ninja maskdepleted Grimacite shinguards
depleted Grimacite weightlifting beltdiabolical crossbowdripping meat crossbow (catsup)dripping meat crossbow (ketchup)dripping meat staff (catsup)
dripping meat staff (ketchup)dripping meat sword (catsup)dripping meat sword (ketchup)dueling banjoeXtreme meat crossbow
eXtreme meat staffeXtreme meat swordeelskin hateelskin pantseelskin shield
enchantlersevil-ass clubfez of etymologyflaming cardboard swordfloaty rock helmet
floaty rock pantsflypaper stafffoon of fearfulnessfoon of fleshinessfoon of foulness
foon of frigidityfoon of fulminationfrigid-ass clubfurry green earmuffsfurry kilt
furry pantsfurry skirtgatorskin umbrella (goatskin)gatorskin umbrella (titanium)giant cheesestick
giant green gummi ingotgiant red gummi ingotgiant yellow gummi ingotglistening staffgnauga hide buckler
gnauga hide chapsgnauga hide kiltgnauga hide skirtgnauga hide vestgnauga hide whip
goulaunchergrass bladegrass hatgrass skirtgrease gun
grisly shieldhairy staffheart of rock and rollheavy hot saucehippo skin buckler
hippo whiphippopotamus kilthippopotamus pantshippopotamus skirthipposkin poncho
hot cross bowhot-ass clubicy-hot katanaknobby kneepadslinoleum crossbow
linoleum helmet turtlelinoleum meat stacklinoleum stafflinoleum swordmalevolent medallion
meat cowboy hatmeat shieldmeatloaf helmet (catsup)meatloaf helmet (ketchup)meatspout staff
meaty helmet turtlemuculent machetenasty rat masknasty-ass clubnon-stick pugil stick
painted shieldpenguin shortspenguin skin bucklerpenguin whippenguinskin mini-kilt
penguinskin mini-skirtpernicious cudgelpestobladepimpin' meat hatpink pinkslip slip
potato pistolpoutine poleprojectile icemakerrainbow crossbowram-battering staff
raspberry beretratskin beltrattail whipreinforced furry underpantsrepeating crossbow
rusty staffsamurai turtle helmetsavory crossbowsavory staffsavory sword
seal-toothed rocksebaceous shieldsequined fezshin gourdsshuddersword
six-rainbow shieldsmoldering staffsoup-chuckssoylent staffspaghetti with rock-balls
spiky turtle helmetspiky turtle shieldspiky turtle shoulderpadssponge helmetspongy shield
square sponge pantssqueaky staffstaph of homophonesstarchy crossbowstarchy staff
starchy swordsticky meat kiltsticky meat pantssticky meat skirtstone banjo
stone turtlestyrofoam crossbowstyrofoam staffstyrofoam swordsword behind inappropriate prepositions
sword of statictail o' nine catsteflon shieldteflon spatulateflon swim fins
tighty whiteystime helmettime swordtime trouserstortoboggan shield
tuxedo shirtvelcro bootsvelcro broadswordvelcro paddle ballvelcro shield
villainous scythevinyl bootsvinyl shieldwhite beltwhite snakeskin duster
white whipwiffle-flailyak anorakyak toupeeyak whip
yakskin buckleryakskin kiltyakskin pantsyakskin skirt 

Discoveries - Jewelry

You have found 40 of these discoveries.

Are some discoveries not showing up? Turn Inventory Images ON and one-click crafting OFF and try again - it has a higher success rate.

Choker of the UltragothEarring of FireIce-Cold Aluminum NecklaceIce-Cold Beer RingIce-Cold Beerring
Mudflap-Girl EarringMudflap-Girl NecklaceMudflap-Girl RingNose Ring of PutrescencePendant of Fire
Putrid PendantRing of FireRing of the Sewer SnakeThe RingUnspeakable Earring
baconstone earringbaconstone pendantbaconstone ringbananarama banglebezoar ring
filigreed hamethyst earringfiligreed hamethyst necklacefiligreed hamethyst ringfloaty rock necklacegiant diamond ring
groovy prism necklacehamethyst earringhamethyst necklacehamethyst ringkumquartz ring
pair of pearidot earringsporquoise eyebrow ringporquoise necklaceporquoise ringpulled porquoise earring
pulled porquoise pendantpulled porquoise ringshark tooth necklacesolid baconstone earringsolid baconstone necklace
solid baconstone ringstrawberyl necklacetorquoise ringtourmalime tourniquetvampire pearl earring
vampire pearl necklacevampire pearl ring   

Discoveries - Misc

You have found 71 of these discoveries.

Are some discoveries not showing up? Turn Inventory Images ON and one-click crafting OFF and try again - it has a higher success rate.

BRICKO airshipBRICKO batBRICKO cathedralBRICKO elephantBRICKO gargantuchicken
BRICKO hatBRICKO octopusBRICKO oozeBRICKO oysterBRICKO pants
BRICKO pyramidBRICKO pythonBRICKO swordBRICKO turtleBRICKO vacuum cleaner
balloon helmetballoon monkeyballoon shieldballoon swordballpark hot daub
bark beretbark boxersbark braceletcane-mail pantscane-mail shirt
clingfilm capclingfilm slippersclingfilm tangleclingfilm trousersdouble-ice box
double-ice britchesdouble-ice capduct tape bucklerduct tape dockersduct tape fedora
duct tape shirtduct tape swordduct tape walletextra-large palm-frond toupeefoot-long hot daub
gauze hammockgauze shortshoney dipperhoney meadhoneybritches
honeycaphoneypothot daub bunhot daub standmummy mask
palm-frond caprispalm-frond cloakpalm-frond fanpalm-frond netpalm-frond whip
paperclip capepaperclip pantspaperclip sproingerpaperclip turbanpaperclip-on tie
peppermint crookpeppermint pattypeppermint rhino babypeppermint twistpottery club
pottery hatpottery shieldpottery training pantspottery yo-yoreally thick bandage
snailmail breechessnailmail coifsnailmail hauberkturtlemail breechesturtlemail coif
turtlemail hauberkwax hatwax pantswild honey piewumpus-hair bolo
wumpus-hair loinclothwumpus-hair netwumpus-hair sweaterwumpus-hair whipwumpus-hair wig

Mr. Items

Januaryorphan baby yetiTome of Snowcone SummoningGreat Ball of Frozen FireLibram of Divine Favorscontainer of Spooky Puttystinky cheese ballLoathing Legion knifeLibram of ResolutionsSnow SuitDiscontent™ Winter Garden CatalogChateau Mantegna room key
Februarysilk garter snakeicebergletLibram of Candy Heart Summoningnaughty origami kitLibram of Love SongsLibram of BRICKOsa cute angelcan of Rain-DohGameInformPowerDailyPro subscription cardBuddy Bjorn
Marchlucky Tam O'ShanterMarch hatdandy lion cubsane hatrackApathargic BandersnatchClan VIP Lounge invitationSorcerers of the Shore GrimoireSmall MediumJarlsberg's panSneaky Pete's leather jacket
emo roepersonal raindrop
McPhee's Grimoire of Hilarious Object Summoningbad penguin eggSp'n-Zor's Grimoire of "Tasteful" Gifts
tiny costume wardrobeelvish sunglasses
panicked kernelClan VIP Lounge invitationBoris's HelmLibram of Pulled TaffyLittle Geneticist DNA-Splicing Lab
Mayminiature gravy-covered maypolehomeless hobo spiritMayflower bouquetpacket of mayfly baitClan VIP Lounge invitationcrown of thronesMy Own Pen Pal kitClan VIP Lounge invitationOrder of the Green Thumb Order Formairplane charter: Spring Break BeachChateau Mantegna room key
Junedeflated inflatable dodecapedeastral badgerbottled green pixiellama lama criainfant sandwormglowing frisbeemysterious chestMoping Artistic Goth Kidadventurer clone eggstill grill
Julywax lipsjewel-eyed wizard hatbottle-rocket crossbowlittle box of fireworksBag o' TricksJuju Mojo MaskOperation Patriot ShieldCamp Scout backpackClan VIP Lounge invitationClan VIP Lounge invitation
Augustpygmy bugbear shamanComma Chameleon eggwizard action figurecotton candy cocoonfloaty stone sphereSchmalz's First Prize Beerfairy-worn bootsUnagnimated GnomeFolder HolderThe Confiscator's Grimoire
SeptemberJekyllin hide belttravoltan trousersnavel ring of navel gazinghaiku katanaTome of Sugar ShummoningGreatest American PantsTome of Clip Artbox of bear armsKoLHS Pep Squad BoxThor's Pliers
OctoberDark Jill-O-Lanterndoppelshifter eggplastic pumpkin bucketclass five ecto-larvaspooky rattling cigar boxsquamous polyporgan grinderMake-Your-Own-Vampire-Fangs kitPete & Jackie's Dragon Tooth Emporium Catalogdeanimated reanimator's coffinairplane charter: Conspiracy Island
Novemberhand turkey outlineminiscule temporal rippilgrim shieldV for Vivala maskTome of Sticker Summoningmoveable feastGrumpy Bumpkin's Pumpkin Seed Catalogstuffed-shirt scarecrowdeactivated nanobotsPantsgivingfist turkey outline
Decembercrimbo elflingsweet nutcrackeryuletide troll chrysalisCrimbo P. R. E. S. S. I. E.candy cornucopiasuspicious stockinghibernating robot reindeerMint Salton Pepper's Peppermint Seed CatalogThinknerd's Grimoire of Geeky GiftsThe Smith's TomeCrimbo sapling
VolleychaunCheshire Bittenunwound cymbal-playing monkeynervous tick eggunemployed hunchbacked minionuniclops egghungover chauvinist pigrehearsing dramatic hedgehogThe Groose in the Hooseavatar of the Unconscious Collectivepraying Grim Brothergolden monkey statuette
Fairychauncoffee spritecalm attention-deficit demonjitterbug larvasiesta-ing Casagnova gnomepassed-out psychedelic bearperfectly ordinary frogsleeping piano catThe Kloop in the Coopdreaming Jung manhibernating Grimstone GolemProfessor of Spelunkology

Cool Items


Staff of the Short Order Cook

Staff of the Midnight Snack

Staff of Blood and Pudding

Staff of the Teapot Tempest

Staff of the Greasefire

Staff of the Black Kettle

Staff of the Soupbone

Staff of The Scummy Sink

Staff of the Well-Tempered Cauldron

Staff of the Walk-In Freezer

Staff of the Grand Flambé

Staff of the Kitchen Floor

Staff of the Grease Trap

Staff of the Deepest Freeze

The Necbromancer's Wizard Staff

Staff of Holiday Sensations

Staff of the Roaring Hearth

Class-Specific Items

 Seal ClubberTurtle TamerPastamancerSaucerorDisco BanditAccordion Thief
Hobopolis Instruments
sealskin drum

washboard shield

spaghetti-box banjo

marinara jug

makeshift castanets

left-handed melodica
Secrets from the Future
monstrous monocle

brazen bracelet

molten medallion

bewitching boots

bitter bowtie

musty moccasins


150 Nickels
battered old top-hat

hobo dungarees

rope with some soap on it
200 Nickels
shapeless wide-brimmed hat

mostly rat-hide leggings

hobo stogie
250 Nickels
crumpled felt fedora

old patched suit-pants

old soft shoes
Underworld truncheon

Staff of the Woodfire

Underworld flail
The Necbromancer's Hat

The Necbromancer's Shorts

The Necbromancer's Stein

2013 Sea Stuff

Lens of Violence

Pigsticker of Violence

Brand of Violence

Jodhpurs of Violence

Ass-Stompers of Violence

Novelty Belt Buckle of Violence

Lens of Hatred

Staff of Simmering Hatred

Cold Stone of Hatred

Pantaloons of Hatred

Fuzzy Slippers of Hatred

Girdle of Hatred

Goggles of Loathing

Stick-Knife of Loathing

Scepter of Loathing

Jeans of Loathing

Treads of Loathing

Belt of Loathing

Pocket Square of Loathing

Raiments of the Final Boss

Helm of the Scream Emperor

Cloak of Dire Shadows

Sword of Dark Omens

Shield of Icy Fate

Greaves of the Murk Lord

Boots of Twilight Whispers

Belt of Howling Anger

Gauntlets of the Blood Moon




Sword of Procedural Generation




White Dragon Fang

Ultra Rares


Counterclockwise watch

crazy bastard sword

Dallas Dynasty Falcon Crest shield

hockey stick of furious angry rage

optimal spreadsheet


incredibly dense meat gem

Platinum Yendorian Express Card

Talisman of Baio

Talisman of Bakula

consolation ribbon

Crimbo 2013

warbear warscarf

warbear laser bowtie

warbear goggles

warbear fleece-lined warscarf

warbear plasma bowtie

warbear snowblindness goggles

warbear electric warscarf

warbear nuclear bowtie

warbear polarized goggles

warbear plain ushanka

warbear plain helm

warbear plain fedora

warbear lined ushanka

warbear spiked helm

warbear feathered fedora

warbear heated ushanka

warbear electro-spiked helm

warbear fancy fedora

warbear long johns

warbear battle greaves

warbear party pants

warbear fleece-lined long johns

warbear officer greaves

warbear ceremonial party pants

warbear electric long johns

warbear bearserker greaves

warbear high festival pants

warbear breakfast machine

warbear soda machine


Thwaitgold bee statuette

Thwaitgold grasshopper statuette

Thwaitgold butterfly statuette

Thwaitgold stag beetle statuette

Thwaitgold woollybear statuette

Thwaitgold maggot statuette

Thwaitgold praying mantis statuette

Thwaitgold Goliath beetle statuette

Thwaitgold bookworm statuette

Thwaitgold firefly statuette

We All Wear Masks

silver cow creamer

wolf whistle

witch's bra

spinning wheel

hare pin

Discoveries - Consumption - Food

You have found 289 of these discoveries.

Are some discoveries not showing up? Turn Inventory Images ON and one-click crafting OFF and try again - it has a higher success rate.

3vi1 pr0n m4nic0ttiAbominable snowconeAncient frozen dinnerAncient unspeakable fruitcakeAngel-food cake
Antique packet of ketchupAs Jus Gezund HeitAsparagus lo meinAsparagus stir-fryBabycakes
Balaclava baklavaBallroom blintzBananaBanana cream pieBanana milkshake
Banana-frosted king cakeBash-Ōs cerealBat haggisBat wing chow meinBat wing kabob
Bat wing stir-fryBat-shaped Crimboween cookieBean burritoBeefy fish meatBeer basted brat
Bell-shaped Crimbo cookieBetter Than Cuddling CakeBirthday party jellybean cheesecakeBlack forest cakeBlack forest ham
Black puddingBlackberryBlob-shaped Crimbo cookieBlue velvet cakeBlueberry-frosted king cake
Boring spaghettiBoris's key lime pieBouillabaise Coucher Avec MoiBowl of Bounty-OsBowl of cottage cheese
Bowl of fishysoisseBowl of lucky charmsBowl of oriole's nest soupBowl of rye sproutsBowl of unidentifiable goo
Brain-meltingly-hot chicken wingsBrains casseroleBrimstone Chicken SandwichBrown sugar caneBrussels Sprout Stir-Fry
Bucket of honeyBunch of square grapesC.H.U.M. chumCRIMBCO Deluxe Reconstituted Gruel with Simulated RaisinsCRIMBCO Reconstituted Gruel
CRIMBCOIDS mintsCRIMBCOLOAFCactus fruitCan of franks 'n' beansCan-shaped gelatinous cranberry sauce
Candied yamsCandy Cane SurpriseCandy caneCandy cane pizzaCandy kneecapping stick
Candy stakeCarob browniesCarob chunk cookiesCarob chunk noodlesCarob chunks
Carrot, Cabbage, and Kale PizzaCatgut tacoCatsupCaviar CarbonaraCentipede eggs
CherryCherry pieChildren's Meal of the DamnedChocolate-covered scarab beetleChocolate-frosted king cake
Chorizo browniesChorizo tacoCob of cornCocktail onionCocoa eggshell fragment
Cold hi meinCongratulatory cakeCool mushroomCool mushroom casseroleCranberries
Crazy little Turkish delightCream of pointy mushroom soupCreamsicleCrepes a la LuneCrimbo pie
Cursed black pearl onionCursed sea biscuitDehydrated caviarDelicious noodlesDelicious salad
Delicious spicy noodlesDesiccated apricotDevil's-food cakeDigital key lime pieDire fudgesicle
Disc-Shaped Nutrition UnitDouble Bacon BeelzeburgerDragon snapsDwarf breadElfin shortbread
Ent ciderEscargotsicleEvil boring spaghettiEvil delicious noodlesEvil delicious spicy noodles
Evil painful penne pastaEvil ravioli della hippyEvil spicy noodlesExpired can of franks 'n' beansExtra-greasy slider
FDKOL hotcakesFancy beef jerkyFancy canapésFettucini épines InconnuFettucini Inconnu
Fishy fishFishy fish casseroleFishy fish lasagnaFlaming mushroomFlower petal pie
Foie grasFortune cookieFrat bratsFricasseed brainsFrozen banquet
Frozen mushroomFruitcakeGenalen™ BottleGhost cucumberGhuol egg
Ghuol egg quicheGhuol guolashGhuol-ear kabobGingerborg HiveGingerbread bugbear
Gingerbread horrorGingerbread massacreGingerbread mutant bugbearGingerbread stir-fryGlass of baboon milk
Glass of goat's milkGlistening fish meatGnat lasagnaGnatloafGnatloaf casserole
Gnocchetti di NietzscheGoat cheeseGoat cheese pizzaGoat cheese tacoGr8ps
GrapefruitGrapesGrimdrop Chow MeinGrimgerbread HouseGrue egg omelette
Gumdrop chow meinHalibut AlfredoHandful of nuts and berriesHandful of walnutsHappy Birthday, Claude! cake
Hell brothHell ramenHerb browniesHerbal stuffingHippy herbal tea
Honey-dewHot buttered rollHot dateHot hi meinHot wing
Humpty DumplingsInsanely spicy bean burritoInsanely spicy enchanted bean burritoInsanely spicy jumping bean burritoIrradiated candy cane
It Came From Beyond DessertJarlsberg's key lime pieJawbruiserJumbo Dr. LuciferJumbo olive
Jumping bean burritoJumping bean tacoJuniper berriesKetchupKiwi
Knob jelly donutKnob ka-bobsKnob lo meinKnob mushroomKnob pasty
Knob sausageKnob sausage chow meinKnob sausage stir-fryKnob shroomkabobKnob stir-fry
Knoll lo meinKnoll mushroomKnoll shroomkabobKnoll stir-fryKnuckle sandwich
KumquatLarge cocoa eggshell fragmentLaser-broiled pearLemonLemon meringue pie
Licorice garroteLihc eye pieLimeLobster qua GrillLong pork casserole
Long pork chop sandwichesLong pork lasagnaLord of the Flies-sized friesLucky Surprise EggManetwich
Maple syrupMenudoMind flayer corpseMixed wildflower greensMole molé
Moon PieMugcakeMushroom pizzaNanite-infested candy caneNanite-infested fruitcake
Nanite-infested gingerbread bugbearNew and Improved CRIMBCO Reconstituted GruelNutty organic saladOliveOlive lo mein
Olive stir-fryOrangeOvercookieP.B.L.T.PB&BP
Packet of beer nutsPacket of tofurkey gravyPainful penne pastaPapayaPapaya taco
PeachPeach piePearPear tartPeche a la Frog
Penguin focaccia breadPersonalized birthday cakePiece of wedding cakePlain pizzaPlum
Pointy mushroomPoutinePowdered donutPr0n chow meinPr0n cocktail
Pr0n m4nic0ttiPr0n stir-fryPr0n tacoProtein pastePurple pixel pie
Queen cookieQuestionable tacoRadio button candyRaspberryRat appendix chow mein
Rat appendix kabobRat appendix stir-fryRat scrappleRavioli della hippyRed Herring Velvet Cake
Retenez L'Herbe PatéRoasted marshmallowRocky road ice creamRoyal jellyRoyal jelly taco
S.T.L.T.Sandwich of the godsSausage pizzaSausage wontonSavoy truffle
Sea avocadoSea blueberrySea broccoliSea carrotSea cauliflower
Sea cucumberSea honeydewSea lycheeSea persimmonSea radish
Sea tangeloShoots and leavesSingle-serving herbal stuffingSix tiny wedges of goat cheeseSkewered cat appendix
Skull-shaped Crimboween cookieSleazy hi meinSlick fish meatSlimy sweetbreadsSneaky Pete's key lime pie
Soylent Red and GreenSpaghetti with MoonballsSpaghetti with SkullheadsSpam Witch sammichSpectral pickle
Spicy bean burritoSpicy enchanted bean burritoSpicy jumping bean burritoSpicy mushroom quesadillaSpicy noodles
Spooky Surprise EggSpooky hi meinSpooky lo meinSpooky mushroomSpooky shroomkabob
Spooky stir-fryStale baguetteStalk of asparagusStar key lime pieSteel lasagna
Stinky hi meinStinky mushroomStrawberryStrawberry pieStuffed spooky mushroom
Stunt nutsSuper ka-bobT8r totsTangerineTasty tart
Tempura avocadoTempura broccoliTempura carrotTempura cauliflowerTempura cucumber
Tempura radishThree-tiered wedding cakeTiger-lily's milkTin cup of mulligan stewTin rations
Tiny frozen prehistoric meteorite jawbreakerToastToast with jamTofu casseroleTofu chow mein
Tofu stir-fryTofu tacoTofu wontonTofurkey gravyTofurkey leg
Tofurkey nuggetTomatoTombstone-shaped Crimboween cookieTree-shaped Crimbo cookieTrollhouse cookies
Tube of cranberry Go-GooTurnip and Rutabaga PieTurtle soupTwigs and gravelUncooked chorizo
Unfortunate dumplingsUnidentified jerkyUr-DonutUrinal cakeValentine's Day cake
Vampire cakeVanilla-frosted king cakeVinegar-soaked lemon sliceWarm mushroomWedge of gray cheese
Wet stewWhite Citadel burgerWhite Citadel friesWhite chocolate and tomato pizzaWhite chocolate chip brownies
White chocolate chip cookiesWhite chocolate chipsWhite riceWreath-shaped Crimbo cookiea dance upon the palate
angst burgerastral hot dogbadass piebag of GORFbag of GORP
bag of QWOPbeautiful soupbeefy makibeefy nigiriberries of suffering
bishop cookieblunt cat clawbone mealboss brainchaos popcorn
cheezburgercircular CRIMBCOOKIEclub sandwichcool cat clawcool jelly donut
corned-beef Reubencrappy braincupcake-in-a-cupdead lights piedecent brain
elven limbos gingerbreadelven hardtackenchanted bean burritofestive sausagefiery wing
forbidden danishforbidden sausagefrozen danishfudge bunnyfudgesicle
giant green gummi beargiant marshmallowgiant red gummi beargiant yellow gummi bearglistening maki
glistening nigiriglowing fungusgood braingreen drunki-beargreen hamhock
gunpowder burritoholiday cheese loghunter brainigloo piejerky coins
king cookieknight cookieknob nutslemon popsicleliver and let pie
liver popsiclenailswurstnatto pockyoccult jelly donutorange popsicle
pawn cookiepeppermint pattyphilosopher's sconephish stickpiping organ pie
poisonous caviarpopcornpumpkin pieraisinred drunki-bear
ridiculous sandwichrook cookies'moreshadowy cat clawshoo-fish pie
shrapnel jelly donutslick makislick nigirismashed danishspace jam toast
spaghetti con calaverassponge cakesquare CRIMBCOOKIEsquirmy violent party snackstomach turnover
strawberry popsiclesun-dried tofusuper saladthrobbing organ piethyme jelly donut
toasted brietobiko pockytoe jam toasttraffic jam toasttriangular CRIMBCOOKIE
ultrafonduewalrus ice creamwasabi pockywild honey pieyam candy
yellow drunki-bearyellow matter custard   

Discoveries - Consumption - Booze

You have found 211 of these discoveries.

Are some discoveries not showing up? Turn Inventory Images ON and one-click crafting OFF and try again - it has a higher success rate.

5-hour acrimonyA little sump'm sump'mAccidental ciderAcqua Del Piatto MerlotAcque Luride Grezze Cabernet
Alewife™ AleAn evil little sump'm sump'mAntarctic Ice TeaAround the worldAura Libre
Aye AyeAye Aye, CaptainAye Aye, Tooth ToothBanana daiquiriBartles and BRAAAINS wine cooler
Barulio's bottleBeertiniBeignet MilgranetBerry-infused sakeBilge wine
Black & tanBlack HoleBlack and Tan and Red All OverBlackfly ChardonnayBlended frozen swill
Blood LightBloody beerBloody maryBodyslamBoilermaker
Bone's Farm "wine"Bordeaux MarteauxBottle of Calcutta EmeraldBottle of DefinitBottle of Domesticated Turkey
Bottle of Jorge SinsonteBottle of Lieutenant FreemanBottle of Ooze-OBottle of Pete's SakeBottle of Pinot Renoir
Bottle of cooking sherryBottle of ginBottle of peppermint schnappsBottle of popskullBottle of realpagne
Bottle of rumBottle of sakeBottle of sewage schnappsBottle of single-barrel whiskeyBottle of tequila
Bottle of vodkaBottle of whiskeyBoxed champagneBoxed wineBraincracker sweet
Bungle in the jungleButtery KnobCRIMBCO Egg Substitute Nog SubstituteCRIMBCO Extreme Braincracker SourCRIMBCO Ribbon Candy Schnapps
CRIMBCO wineCSA cheerfulness rationCSA scoutmaster's "water"CaipifrutaCaipiranha
Calle de mielCan of SwillerCandicaineCandy AlexanderCandycaine
Canteen of wineCement MixerChakra LibreCherry bombCinco Mayo Lager
Citrus-infused sakeCobb's Knob WurstbrauCool mushroom wineCorpse Island iced teaCorpse on the beach
CorpsebiteCorpsedriverCorpsetiniCrazymakerCream stout
CrimbojitoCruelty-free wineCup of primitive beerCursed bottle of black-label rumCursed bottle of rum
CyderDark & StarryDecanter of fine ScotchDesert Island Iced TeaDew yoana lei
Dew yoana salacious leiDirty martiniDistilled fortified wineDivineDoublepunchplanter
Drac & TanDrunken AstrophysicistDrunken NeurologistDrunken PhilosopherDry martini
Dry vodka martiniDucha de oroDump TruckDusty bottle of MarsalaDusty bottle of Merlot
Dusty bottle of MuscatDusty bottle of Pinot NoirDusty bottle of PortDusty bottle of ZinfandelEarth and Firewater
Earth, Wind and FirewaterEcto-CoolerEcto-nogEggnogEggnogtini
Elven cellocelloElven moonshineEspecially salty dogEvent HorizonEvil ducha de oro
Evil horizontal tangoEvil roll in the hayExpired bottle of peppermint schnappsExtra-slimy SlimosaExtra-spicy bloody mary
Fauna LibreFeliz NavidadFerita Del Petto ZinfandelFermented honeyFine wine
FirewaterFlaming CaipiranhaFlaming KnobFlaming MohoboFlaming Sazerorc
Flaming mushroom wineFlask of AmontilladoFlat mushroom wineFlute of flat champagneFlying Caipiranha
Fromage PinotageFruity girl swillFuzzbumpFuzzy TentacleGiant glass of brandy
GibsonGimletGinGin MintGin and Herring
Gin and tonicGloomy mushroom wineGo-WassailGolden MeanGordon Bennett
GrasshopperGreat Old FashionedGreen BurlapGreen GiantGreen Muslin
Green VelvetGreen beerGrimaciderGrimacite BockGrog
GrogtiniHaymakerHerring DaiquiriHerring WallbangerHerringcello
HerringtiniHi-Octane Peppermint Jet FuelHodgman's blanketHorizontal tangoHorseradish-infused Vodka
Hot choculateHot toadyHumanitiniIce-cold Sir SchlitzIce-cold Willer
Ice-cold fotieIcy mushroom wineImp AleInfinitesimal IPAIsotope Nog
JackhammerJar of fermented pickle juiceJar of squeezeJeppson's MalortJerkitini
Kamicorpse-eeKnob mushroom wineKnoll mushroom wineLocustLollipop Drop
Lumbering jackLumineux LimnioLychee chuhaiMad Train wineMae West
Maiali Sifilitici Pinot NoirMandarina coladaMargaritaMartiniMcMillicancuddy's Special Lager
Melon-infused sakeMelted Jell-o shotMimosetteMint YulepMohobo
Mon TikiMonkey wrenchMoons-shineMoonshine MohoboMoonthril Schnapps
More Humanitini than HumanitiniMorlock's Mark BourbonMorto MoretoMt. Noob Pale AleMulled cider
MuschatMutagin 'n' TonicNanite-infested eggnogNeuromancerOcean motion
Oh, the HumanitiniOil NogOily mushroom wineOld-fashionedOozenog
Oreille Divisée brandyPan-Dimensional Gargle BlasterPapaya slingPapaya slungParisian cathouse
PebblebräuPerpendicular hulaPetite PorterPink ponyPlague of Locusts
Plum winePointy mushroom winePrussian cathousePunchplanterPurple corpsel
Rabbit punchRalph IX cognacRam's Face LagerRed DwarfRed-headed corpse
RedrumRockin' wagonRoll in the hayRum and colaRussian Ice
Saison du LuneSalacious lychee chuhaiSalacious screwdiverSalinated mint julepSalty dog
Salty slugSangriaSangria de MentheSangria del diabloSazerorc
Sazuruk-haiScrawny StoutScrewdiverScrewdriverSham champagne
Shot of blackberry schnappsShot of flower schnappsShot of grapefruit schnappsShot of nepenthe schnappsShot of orange schnapps
Shot of peach schnappsShot of pear schnappsShot of rotgutShot of the Living DeadShot of tomato schnapps
Silver Bullet beerSizzling SinnerSlap and tickleSlimebiteSlimosa
Slimy fermented bile bladderSlip 'n' slideSlippery KnobSloe Comfortable ZooSloe Comfortable Zoo on Fire
Slug of rumSlug of shochuSlug of vodkaSnifter of thoroughly aged brandySpasmi Dolorosi Del Rene Champagne
Spiced rumSpooky eggnogSpooky mushroom wineSteel margaritaStinky mushroom wine
Strawberry daiquiriStrawberry wineSuffering SinnerSupernova ChampagneSuppurating Sinner
TangaritaTemps TempranilloTeqiwilaTeqiwila slammerTequila sunrise
Tequila sunsetTequila with training wheelsThe Cooler Out of SpaceThermos full of Knob coffeeThistle wine
Tomato daiquiriTransylvania SlingTropical swillTypical Tavern swillUovo Marcio Shiraz
VesperVodka MatryoshkaVodka and cranberryVodka and tonicVodka gibson
Vodka martiniVodka stratocasterWater purification pillsWhiskey and colaWhiskey and soda
Whiskey bittersweetWhiskey sourWhite CanadianWhite HyborianWhite Xanadian
White lightningWhite-label ginWine spritzerWrecked GeneratorYellow brick road
ZmobieZoodriverastral pilsnerbeery bloodbone aperitif
booze-soaked cherrybreaded beerbucket of winecranberry schnappsday-old beer
elven squeezegin-soaked blotter papergreen eggnoghoney meadmarshmallow flambé
missing winenatto-infused sakeoverpriced "imported" beerplain old beerplastic cup of beer
pumpkin beerridiculous cocktailslap and slap againsoft green echo eyedrop antidote martinisoy cordial
soyburger juicetobiko-infused sakeused beerwasabi-infused sakeworld's most unappetizing beverage

Demon Names

1) Pies
2) Preternatural Greed
Spooky Forest
3) Fit To Be Tide
Sonofa Beach
4) Big Flaming Whip
Friar's Gate
5) Demonic Taint
Haunted Bathroom
6) Ragamuffin Imp
7) Drinks
8) Existential Torment
Nemesis Lair
9) Burning, Man
Sinister Ancient Tablet
10) The Pleasures of the Flesh
Strange Cube

Arcade Games (Unlocked)

space trip safety headphones

sinister demon mask

dungeon fist gauntlet

streetfighting champion's belt

meteoid ice beam


Boss Outfit Pieces Other Pieces
Great Wolf
Great Wolf's headband

Great Wolf's right paw

Great Wolf's left paw

Great Wolf's lice

Great Wolf's rocket launcher

Great Wolf's beastly trousers





Mayor Ghost
Mayor Ghost's cloak

Mayor Ghost's khakis

Mayor Ghost's toupee

Mayor Ghost's scissors

Mayor Ghost's sash

Mayor Ghost's gavel
zombie mariachi hat

zombie accordion

zombie mariachi pants

HOA regulation book

HOA zombie eyes

HOA citation pad
Unkillable Skeleton
Unkillable Skeleton's skullcap

Unkillable Skeleton's shinguards

Unkillable Skeleton's breastplate

Unkillable Skeleton's shield

Unkillable Skeleton's sawsword

Unkillable Skeleton's restless leg
Count Drunkula
Thunkula's drinking cap

Drunkula's silky pants

Drunkula's cape

Drunkula's ring of haze

Drunkula's wineglass

Drunkula's bell
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