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Update: 6th Jan 2012 - Small update to the Dungeon Keeper Page.

Update: 10th May - Yes, this site is still alive. Perhaps if you want to Replace the Battery on a Logitech MX1000 Mouse, it'll be helpful.

Update: 20th Jan - I'm fully aware that "Women over 30 years old" isn't exactly this website's target audience, but if you send your mother this funny video of The Mom Song, she'll think it's really funny.

Update: 13th Jan 2009 - Yeah, I have exams. Updates sporadic. Minor update to the Setting Gmail as the Default email handler in Firefox 3 page.

Update: 25th Dec - MERRY CHRISTMAS! Honestly, who's reading this on Christmas Day? Spend time with your families :P

Update: 24th Dec - A page advising prospective coders on how to speed up your php code without any major alterations has been put up.

Update: 23rd Dec - Minor Update to the Dungeon Keeper Troubleshooting and DOSBox installation on Vista/XP page.

Update: 20th Dec - A page for Handy PHP Code that might help some people.

Update: 5th Dec - There's now a page for how to run Theme Hospital on XP, Vista, or even Mac and Linux. Another detailed DOSBox guide, after positive feedback for the last one. Please feel free to contact me if it's unclear or there's a typo, etc.

Update: 30th Nov - I fixed the Contact Me form, which previously didn't actually contact me. If you wrote to me before the 29th Nov, then it didn't send me anything. Sorry, it was due to a problem with my host which meant I got my email, but not those through my websites. Long story. Feel free to ask me again, or send a comment through now. It definately works.

Update: 5th Oct - Updated the Dungeon Keeper page, with Saved Games for Dungeon Keeper and the Deeper Dungeons.

Update: 11th Sep - Use Gmail? Use Firefox 3? Are you annoyed that Firefox 3 can't set Gmail as the default? Well no more.

Update: 10th Sep - Want to Create an Unattended Addon for nLite? Come this way.

Update: 27th Aug - Some further updates to the Dungeon Keeper page, including how to modify it to work on Vista. Yay!

Update: 26th Aug - Sheesh, how many people have asked me "How do I Modify a Wii Nunchuck with an LED"... Well, no more!

Update: 21st Aug - Added a page for Infinite AutoHack Items in Bioshock.

Update: 14th Aug 2008 - Added notes on Cheating in Online Flash games. Because getting to the top of scoreboards is great trolling fun. And Removing ads from Yahoo Messenger 7.5 and 8, for more practical benefits.

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